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The Outsiders

The Outsiders is a game where you are play a dual role: a group of outsiders trying to join an established community, as well as the council determining their fate.

Are we prospective students applying to a magic school, survivors fleeing from an apocalypse and trying to get into a walled settlement, college kids trying to get into a sorority, or something else? Who we are, and what community we are trying to join, is determined by us collaboratively at the beginning of the session.

The Outsiders is a game in playtesting, designed by J. Gurantz. It is inspired by For the Queen by Alex Roberts (and is a Descended from the Queen game). The mechanics involve taking turns asking question of the outsiders, and eventually using this information as the council to vote on a resolution, followed by short epilogues. The game is GM-less, and the instructions are collaboratively read by the players, similar to For the Queen. It comes with an included X-card, and “I Will Not Answer That” card. The game takes about 1-2 hours to play, depending on how many follow-up questions the players ask.

It has been playtested almost a dozen times, including at Strategicon Gateway 2019, in home games, and online. It will be available for play at Big Bad Con 2019 and GauntletCon 2019.