Distress on Life Liner 928


A space-based Lego dungeon crawls using Star Frontiers / Savage Worlds. I have run this a few times starting February 2015, including at Strategicon Orccon 2015, Gamex 2015, GoPlayNW 2015, and Jackercon VII.

The formal description reads: "You have just received a distress signal from zoological expedition Life Liner 928. How fortunate! As scrap and salvage, this is your bread and butter, and everyone's got to pay their bills, and if you find any survivors, that means bonus credits! The captain has set a direct course. Get your Albedo Screen, your Sonic Disruptor, and a Stimdose ready, for this Star Frontiers / Savage Worlds, space-based, Lego dungeon crawl."

As described, the game uses the Savage Worlds role playing game system, with the addition of the fan-man Star Frontiers rules. The game is played using a ship schematic (see picture below), upon which room modules are used as the players explore the ship:

To stroke my ego, here is Jim Sandoval, Generalissimo of RPGs at Orccon 2015, talking about playing in my game (mp3, 2 MB) on Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 14 Episode 10 – Live from Orccon 2015 (full episode here). Incidentally, this is my favorite RPG podcast in the universe (second only to beebops RPGbops from Truane's Star).

Here's a time lapse video (6+ hours in 1.5 minutes) of the second game at Orccon 2015, on Saturday, recorded by my friend Sasha Goodman.

Here is a actual play youtube video (hangouts on air) played for Jackercon VII (the Happy Jacks RPG "sponsored" online, free game convention) on July 23, 2015. If you plan on ever playing in this game, don't view more than the first hour or so (which is character gen and some initial play), cause the rest will be spoilers. Unfortunately the background music (which adds a lot to the ambiance and mood),  doesn't get recorded for the hangout on air, although it did work in Roll20.