Triple feature (part 2): Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max (2 of 3)

Excellent treatise on feminism. Just kidding. Great movie.

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Would you want to run this scenario as an RPG? Probably not as is, I mean that's so hard to live up to. And yet, again, it is so suited for it. You have such a great mix of characters: the captured lonerthe fleeing rebelthe war boy who wants to prove himselfthe breeding stock. And also such a great premise... I mean, the movie is one long chase scene, but that means it's also like an inverted dungeon crawl: the goal is to "escape", but going through various obstacles (or rooms): first the neighbors in the eastern dessert, then the storm, then the mountain pass, and then the swamp, and finally reaching the green place. The green place can be the ending, or of course you can twist things, similar to the movie, and go from there.

I was thinking along two lines:

  1. Playing a pseudo mad max scenario, like lets say all the PCs are "law abiding" citizens in a local town earlier in this timeline, and the neighboring villains are out to get you. But then there are others who have done this sort of thing well, such as Jim Pinto with the Protocol game Carcass.
  2. You could run a scenario where the PCs are originally at odds, like these ones in this movie. When they succeed, it doesn't end up with them killing each other, but slowing each other down in different ways. If you look at that initial chase scene with Nux driving Max as the blood bag, and following Imperator Furiousa with the breeding stock, they aren't all on the same page. Could you start a scenario where you have the PCs as adversaries for the initial scene, and get them to play against each other for some time before being confronted with a shared goal and direction? Each time they screw each other, it just makes their real opponents (such as the chasing army, the other villains in the wastes, environmental hazards) catch up?

That's about as far as I thought about it... but as you'll see in a post later about GoPlayNW (in June), someone has taken this and really ran with it, and to awesome effect.

Tomorrowland (3 of 3)

Not too much here, but I'll say this. I had very low expectations around this movie, and was pleasantly surprised.

The movie plays with time travel-type concepts, and I remember thinking something interesting about that, but you know what? It was the third movie of the night and by then I was a bit fried. 

I did meet a friendly homeless guy named Martin on the way home though, and had a nice half hour conversation about life and travel and places around the world, and that was pleasant.