RPGaDAY: Day 23: Perfect game for you

Whew... getting RPGaDAY fatigue at this point. Gotta... power... through...

Day 23: Perfect game for me

It starts at 8am. I wake up from a restful sleep. I walk from the hotel room down to the meal area, where they serve fluffy eggs, perfectly cooked thick smoked bacon slices, grill roasted tomato, and those farmer market fresh fruits that take me back 35 years.

I get a call from my wife telling me what a great time she's having with our daughter, and how I should have a great time.

After a pleasant breakfast with gamer buddies, bantering about things that only we would find interesting, I head to the convention game rooms. (Yes, a convention, because that means I'm not at home dealing with home shit.)

Some of us get together and play a fun GM-less game we've never played before, run by a the game designer, who's motivated, fun, and plays right along with us. No one outshines anyone else, laughs are had, and a great story is told.

Lunch time, as good as breakfast.

Afternoon game is a LARP, but one in which the planned session is half the fun, and what all of us players bring to the table is the other half, and makes it all worthwhile.

A nice break for dinner with good friends, drinks, and a pleasant walk in the cool air.

And then the night game. Something horror. With investigation. And competing character agendas. And madness. And more than a little drinking.

And then back to bed for a great nights sleep.