RPGaDAY 2015: Days 29-31 / Wrap-up

Day 29: Favorite RPG website / blog

The Happy Jacks RPG forums. I spend a disturbing amount of time there.

But other than there, I recently been loving to read the AndryGM rants. They are wonderfully ranty, and a very excellent mixture of both frustrating and hilarious. And more importantly, contain a surprising amount of insight.

I want to be good about reading Gnome Stew, it looks awesome, but it's just my inherent laziness. Everything else is touch and go, and I haven't gone far down any path.

Day 30: Favorite RPG playing celebrity

I'm really liking Chris Hardwick. It's just that way he unapologeticly uses D&D references whenever. Also the TV show: At Midnight. Pretty fucken funny. It's a little pseudo game show with comedians on, where all the questions are riffs or comments on internet meme type stuff.

Day 31: Favorite non-RPG thing to come out of RPGing

I've heard great answers on this one... things like world building, and cartography, and research.

But mine's pretty shallow: T-shirts. I love my tees. It's your little advertisement to try and capture relevant parties during daily transit. A little opener. An invitation for conversation. And ever since I got back into gaming, I've added the relevant RPGness to my collection.

There are classic examples out there, such as the Choose Your Weapon shirt. There are also more esoteric designs, such as this lovely GoPlayNW con shirt (which also serves as such a great Seattle souvenir shirt).

However, in the end I've had to make some of my own. I would love to pay the artists for their designs, but unfortunately Larry Elmore or Erol Otus just aren't in the business of printing out shirts, and thus I've had to buy my own iron on transfers (specifically those ones that print on dark shirts such as this), and my own shirts from American Apparel (or wherever), and DIY. But man am I happy with my shirts.

Wrap up

And with that, the month ends. I did all these as a little test for myself, to see if I could journal through it all, and get in the habit of writing all this junk (for myself if nothing else). 

But I also started posting this on the Happy Jacks forums, and have found many cool responses from others. So, thank you, #RPGaDAY2015. Perhaps we'll see you next year.