Gateway 2015: Sunday and Monday

Sunday; a late start

After the late night, a nice late start. Got up, wandered, ate, and then family time! Met up with Jen (wife) and Nova (daughter). Swam at the pool, grubbed, and then headed for games.

Started with the obligatory family shot:

The family selfie tradition

The family selfie tradition

Sunday 3pm: Battle Sheep 101

Nova and I signed up to teach people Battle Sheep. It's an extremely simple which you can teach in a few minutes, similar to checkers. However it had more replayability (in my mind) that's more similar to Go (but not that much!) What's nice is that the board is different each game, since the pasture has a placement phase, where every player takes turn putting down one of their 4 boards. The game is fairly simple and is just a territory claiming and blocking game. We had a decent turn-out, and probably had about 10 different people play through.

Always great to meet more parent + small child travelers at the con!

Always great to meet more parent + small child travelers at the con!

Sunday 5pm: What the Food!? 101

I first played What the food!? a few cons back when the designers were demoing it (just after the kickstarter). It wasn't too meaty, but a fun little party game, and I bought it in anticipation of family game days. It's sat on the shelf until a few months ago when Nova played a few games. Great for that age when they're starting to read, because you can force them to read the food combos as part of the game ("Slimy Pigs in a Blanket covered in Boysenberry Jam").

Got a decent turnout of motivated food fighters, but damn, that first game went on forever


Sunday 7pm: King of Tokyo tournament

This was Nova's second time playing in the King of Tokyo tournament. It's a really fun party game for all ages, and is basically a Godzilla and King Kong-themed push-your-luck dice game. Skill isn't all that important, but man is it thematically designed. 

Unlike the last time Nova played, when she almost got to the final game and got "most kills" in the first game, this time she was eliminated quickly (but it was so close; a brutal fight to the death between her and one other guy). Although disappointed, she handled it very well.

We did get to meet and re-familiarize ourselves with all the kids that were there the last time (pretty much all of which joined again), so it's nice to feel that community. And also: all the kids died off early, which is unusual for this game, but ended up causing a bunch of commiseration.

Monday and goodbyes

We played a few games in the morning. Jen and Nova played a round of battleship, and we learned some Dice Masters, a super-hero type dice pool-building game. It's kind of like Magic and Dominion, but instead of building a deck, you are building a pool of dice. Not my cup of tea (too much comparing numbers and such), but I can see the attraction from those who like Magic-type games.

The first ship sunk was Nova's battleship.

The first ship sunk was Nova's battleship.

This was also the first time we've stayed long enough to go and check out the Auction. We ran into Craig / whodo, and hung out with him a bit while they sold things. I highly recommend it. Craig came away with a copy of Apocalypse World and Dungeon World for the high price of $1 total.

And with that... back home. But not before another visit to Endorffeine.