A Fallout Shelter role playing game scenario

It's time! A new year, which means a new Lego-based role playing game to create and run at cons all year long. At least, that's what I've done for the last 2 years.

The first year was the Dungeon of Yendor game, a dungeon crawl, Rogue inspired, Savage Worlds game. The second year was Distress on Life Liner 928, a Star Frontiers, Savage Worlds, starship dungeon crawl.

And now, it's 2016. Originally I was contemplating a Lego-based car wars type game, which would probably have elements from X-Wing. Especially when I found out how many Lego wheels I had lying around. And not a bad idea after Mad Max, and all that.

But instead I found that last year I fell into the Fallout Shelter app, a little resource management game that's something of a teaser for Fallout 4. And that's led me to this years Lego-based RPG creation: Fallout Shelter: Finding the Descenders:

It's been over 100 years since our ancestors built the vault. We've done pretty well since that time, all things considered. We even discovered how to use the telegraph that connects us to Vault 321, and have established a trade route between our vaults, through the wasteland. Today a group of us from Vault 456, the Ascenders, leaves on a journey through the wasteland to Vault 321, to meet with the Descenders. 

I'm hoping it'll emulate and do justice to some of the feeling and nostalgia around Fallout Shelter, but with in a different form factor: as a weirdo role playing game. No, it won't be a full vault built entirely out of Legos, but I really don't think it'll disappoint. 

Here's a spoiler-free view of my draft of character choices:

More later... got a ton of stuff to get ready by Feb 12!