200 Words finalists

The Finalists were announced. Some of these are just superb. Here was the blog announcing the finalists. No, I didn't make it, but honestly, I don't think I should've. There was some really good gems in there.

Some of the ones I really like include “HEAVY METAL WIZARD SORCERORS” by Alessandro Dellamotta, “Drink Tea. Forget.” by M. Quintanilla (you could just as easily play it with booze and at night for a change of pace), “Stardust” by Daniel Adams, “Time Travel Thaw” by Armand Kossayan, and the supplement “A GM’s Guide to Session Prep and Play” by Ole Peder Giæver. 

Given the short form games, I didn't believe, going into this, that I would want to play that many of these games. I'm glad to see I'm wrong. I've got one or two on the short list for an upcoming Indie RPG night. I can already see a timely scenario for HEAVY METAL WIZARD SORCERORS where they have to defend themselves against the The Purple Prince of Pop.