The Skeletons... with Lego Creationary... in Space...

First, The Quiet Year

I had a brain fart a week back, when I was cleaning up my office (aka man cave). I have a box of Lego Creationary (the Lego version of Pictionary) that I picked up at a thrift store for $5. I'm not too excited about the game itself, but didn't just want to pour all those Legos into the great Lego pit that is my home.

So, I've taken it, and now I have a box of Lego for use in The Quiet Year. I bring a few base plates, although it can be more creative and fun to play without that, and just use the table! I mean, come on! Three dimension map! The pieces are very simple, but like The Quiet Year, the point is to draw simple and fast, and these Legos suits perfectly for that level of abstraction.

I think similar to The Quiet Year mandating pictures about the size of a quarter and taking less than 30 seconds, I would mandate each "drawing" creation take up to 6 pieces.

I haven't run it yet, but I have it packed for game cons a-coming and want to play test it with some folks.

Next, The Skeletons... with Music

Now it gets really exciting. I've been working on a series of soundtracks for The Skeletons role-playing game (discussed in blog post past). I've garnered about 20+ tracks, and categorized them into the game's four different phases.

Ambient tracks serve very well for the three different Time Passes phases, when you may be sitting in silence for 30 seconds to a few minutes. and also as Intruders.

More paced and flavored tracks work well for the Intruders phase, when action and disassociation occurs.

I have setup 5 separate curated tracklists, that I've named Classic Crypt, Desert Sands, Eternal Soldier, Moving Death, and Space Desolation. I very much want to test these out, as Harry and I both agreed that our session of The Skeletons with background music was very fulfilling.

I'll post the track titles at some point after I do a little testing and finalizing, in case people are interested.

And finally... mashup: The Skeletons + Music + Lego

The plan: To run The Skeletons. In a space scenario. With my Space Desolation tracks. And use the Creationary set as the means for the players to "draw" the ship. You can use pieces like lines to outline things. You can stack things on each other. And I'll even provide little minifigures in space suits, if that takes your fancy.

Now, I'm not saying I'm a genius... but who's kidding who here? 

Feel free to steal the idea! I'd love to hear how it goes if you do anything like this. If not, maybe I'll see you at a con coming soon (Strategicon, GoPlayNW, Big Bad Con...)