Pixel Scandal Nerdcast: Bid Bad Con 2018 Recap

I spent a lot of time at Big Bad Con 2018 with some fantastic individuals. In addition to all the wonderful people I normally run into at Big Bad (very likely my favorite convention of the year), I also was finally able to meet some internet friends in the flesh! Many I had gamed with a bunch in the Gauntlet community over the last year and more, such as Lauren and Ryan. Some I had gamed online and met in person at prior BBC and abroad, such as Yoshi and Phillip. Some I had gamed with in our local LA indie RPG scene such as Kurt and Dave and Spencer.

A bunch of these individuals are represented here in Kurt’s Pixel Scandal Nerdcast. This was a special edition where we did a Big Bad Con recap, and talked about our experiences, positive and negative (but mostly the former), and about what this con does so fantastically well. There is discussion on inclusivity, Big Bad World, and many of the wonderful games we played.

Mucho thank you’s to Kurt for sponsoring this, which was a great way to process thoughts and feelings after the convention, and helped me personally deal with some of the con crash / con drop that comes after attending such an ongoing, weekend plus-long high. More on that later.

You can listen to this in podcast form or in video form. Both can be found at http://pixelscandal.com/special-edition-big-bad-con-recap/, if not elsewhere. Here’s the video: