Icarus on ShadowCon

Once again Gina invited me on to Shadowcon (part of the Happy Jacks RPG network), this time with friend Spenser running his game Icarus. In addition to Gina and myself we also had Gina’s amazing partner JiB joining us.

The game involved our characters Abacus (the priest of reason who protects the infinite truth), Channa Patel (the biotech engineer), Titas Stackpool (transcendence from flesh and decadence), and Hive 49B, also known as Doctor Jan (a series of scientists in an pseudo-AI hivemind).

Icarus was a space station in relatively static orbit around our Earth, pulling energy from a magnetic solar vortex, building a great monument to our transcendence of humans and machine… which also had the purpose of harnessing the vortex energy in more magnificent ways.

In addition to factions such as humanists and darwinists, we had an opposing station of the Daedalus, and some Europans (from Jupiter) intercede, as well as some strange god-like creatures, and destructive solar flares.

The game itself was great, but even above the play and narrative, it was the first time I’d played Icarus noticing the interesting cadence that the game had. Cycles of build-up and then tear-down destruction (and eminent collapse of the dice tower). It was, so far, my favorite session of this game, and made me excited for more.

The Kickstarter was still going at the time of the recording, but has successfully funded by the time I’ve written this post (and thankfully so… it’s definitely a game that needs to be in wider circulation).

Interested in the AP? You can find it on YouTube below (or in the Happy Jacks RPG podcast streams):