Strategicon Gamex 2019: Trophy with an improvised Heart incursion for HJRPG streaming

This year Happy Jacks RPG has been streaming games live from LA’s Strategicon game convention. For Strategicon Gamex 2019, I decided to run Trophy on the cons Friday night slot.

We had Jason Mills play Orlen the sellsword and expelled apprentice, Matt playing Nima the Thrifter and dishonorable merchant, and special guest Heavy Metal Jess playing Fiona the ranger, an escaped cultist.

I was going to run one of the stock standard Trophy excursions, but Matt had already played in a version I had run at our Story Games Glendale meetup, so I decided to do something a little more improvisational. I asked the players for a few inspirational words, and settled on “Heart”. I also asked for the setting, and instead of “forest” we went with a more arid climate.

While they were building characters, I quickly wrote down some inspirational words and things I could draw from during the game. My little index card looked something like this:

WORD INSPIRATION: courage, beating, meat, blood, beat, love, red, blue, 
  vein, artery, iron, rust
MOMENTS: red moon, stream, iron smell, butterflies with beating wings
CONDITIONS: chest pain, heart ache, desire, short of breath
  pins and needles, paralysis, limbs, timejump?

These would serve, if I was ever stuck and uninspired in a scene, and needed something to look at as a prompt, and indeed some of these worked well in that manner. So, basically we played an improvised incursion, and I think it went pretty well.

If you are interested in watching, video provided out on Youtube: