RPGaDAY 2015: Days 1-3


Per Dave Chapman of the Autocratik blog, which I heard about through Stephanie Bryant (fellow gamer from Strategicons) of the Mortaine blog, #RPGaDAY is a RPG hash tag-o-thing.

It's supposedly to celebrate GenCon and August, but for moi, it's more appropriate for Strategicon here in LA. Especially because by early-August GenCon is done and dusted, but this builds beautifully to Strategicon which is just after the end of this month (and which I am keenly looking forward to).

The idea is that you blog or write or twitter some RPG related Q&A thing every day, and here's the graphic that describes these questions:

RPG a day 2015

The blogging thing is fairly new to me, and a little goal of mine (for now), so why not...

1. Forthcoming game you're most looking forward to

It's funny, but for some reason, The Warren, described as a game where "players take on the roles of intelligent rabbits trying to make the best of a world filled with hazards, predators and, worst of all, other rabbits". It just sounds like a game that could either be so very kid friendly, and yet also so viciously dark and grim.

2. Kickstarted game most pleased you backed

As far as card / board / party games, I really love the Worst Game Ever by Jeff Siadek. But if I have to stick to RPGs (which is, I guess, the point of this exercise), I'd go with Jim Pinto's Protocol games. I missed his GMZero kickstarter (although I've purchased most separately), and still like those games more, but regardless I just love supporting his particular brand of RPG design.

3. Favorite New Game of the last 12 months

Been playing Dungeon World for probably just over 12 months, so that can't count, by a hair. I'll go with Microscope, because it's just something I'd like to try and run for others, and I think it might be more generally accessible to casual role players (of which I interact with more than a few) than some other GM-less games.

...and what about you?