RPGaDAY 2015: Days 4-6

4. Most Surprising Game

I'll say a game I played at GoPlayNW: Forget Me Not by jim pinto. (No, I don't know why his name is always lowercase, but he's a level 20 Font Master, so maybe that has something to do with it.) It was the most surprising because I thought I wouldn't enjoy it, and it ended up being one of the most entertaining games I had played that weekend. So lovely I bought the card deck and plan to run it with friends, and maybe at the local con here.

5. Most recent RPG purchase

Got to be The Warren, as the Kickstarter just finished successfully a few days ago.

6. Most recent RPG played

I'm going to assume the word "played" is important here (as opposed to GM'd). For me, that'd be The Carcass, also by jim pinto. 

I was playing this with my usual gaming group, which includes my friend Howie, and we have a tendency to try and break jim's games, so we decided instead of running the game as intended (as members of a post-apocalyptic tribe where the leader has died), we'd run it right as the apocalypse was occurring. 

The premise: We are all members of the Caltech Spelunking Club, currently in some tunnels under Los Angeles, as the city is succumbing to some unknown apocalyptic situation after a large explosion. The neutral tribe: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The hostile tribe: The Mexican Cartel that has been using these tunnels to transport drugs and guns around the city. Started well enough, but collapsed under some player confusion and fatigue.