RPGaDAY 2015: Days 14-16

Day 14: Favorite RPG Accessory

Oh please... you know.


Day 15: Longest campaign played

Played? I don't think I've ever played in a campaign. Maybe 2 games in  a row, once or twice?

Shit, that's something I gotta fix.

Day 16: Longest game session played

It was Gateway 2012, my first game convention in roughly 20 years. We played 2 games on Friday, and we were on our third game on Saturday. My mind was beginning to be mush.

We were about to start an 8pm Cthulhu game. We get to the table. There are 7 of us playing. The GM was Robert Curtis. He starts with "So, the game is scheduled to run for 4 hours. However. I'm happy to go all night until we get it done." That sounds like a good start!

7 hours later, 3 am, we finally wrap up a very long and beautiful Cthulhu game. Longest game I've ever played.