Small Game Hunter Ep02: Companions' Tale

The second episode of Small Game Hunter consisted of Jim, Kimi, and I talking about Companions’ Tale, a game written by Laura Simpson from Sweet Potato Press.

Companions’ Tale is a map-making storytelling game where you tell the tale of an epic hero, righting wrongs and saving kingdoms. The hero acts, and leaves others to tell the tale. You are those others: the hero's closest companions. Whose version of the heroic tale will become canon, and whose will be a footnote to history?

It is inspired by games such as The Quiet Year, but has elements that make it quite distinct. As a Kickstarter backer, I recently received the shipped copy, and got to playtest it at the Story Games Glendale meetup, and then shortly after with Jim, Kimi, and Gina.

It appears that the game had quite an impact on Kimi, in that it has since inspired her to go down the path of writing her own little story game. That alone was worth the price of admission!

Until it is available in podcast form, you can watch the recording of this episode on YouTube, here: