A change in format for this blog journal

Hello internet! It’s been hard to update this blog consistently, but I’ve been doing it somewhat regularly (with some gaps) for 3.5 years now, and I enjoys it, so no, I’m not going to stop now.

However, I’m gonna change my format a little. In the past I’d write mostly about game conventions, and when I did so, I’d write a post per day, and other long entries. Because of this, I found myself sometimes confronted with a large task, and therefore keep putting it off, or writing about a part of the day, but not getting around to writing the rest of it until much later.

I really like Sean Nittner’s actual play blog, where he posts thoughts on specific games he’s played. I have decided to go with that more granular approach, and post about individual games, as this bite-sized writing may better suit my writing habits, and be easier to maintain.

Although this post goes out today (on September 12th), I’ll probably be retrofitting prior games I’m still updating to this format. Welcome to the past. Or future. Or whatever.