Fallout Shelter on the PC; a near-sighted affair

OK, so recently I've been getting over playing Fallout Shelter... I mean, you can only go so far with it, despite it's yumminess. I did have a slight resurgence playing in the relatively new "Survival" mode, but even that only holds my attention so.

That said, I found this PC Review article by Ian explaining how to go about installing the BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC, so that you could play on your laptop. (You can also see some hints at the Bluestacks website; good marketing, that.)

So, I installed and started playing it on the PC, which breathed a little more life into this process for me. A few days later I'm quickly over it, but I just thought it was strange that both vaults I've created are extremely near sighted. Seriously, almost everyone has glasses. Including the raiders!

I kid you not... LOTS of glasses.

I kid you not... LOTS of glasses.

So, how does this game stack up on the PC? Well, it's the same in general, obviously, since this is just an emulator. However not having a touchscreen PC, it's a little annoying in various ways. Zooming out is not well controlled. You use the CTRL and plus (+) or minus (-) keys, but they work haphazardly. Also, zooming all the way out doesn't give you a full view of the vault as it does on my iPhone or Android tablet.

I've played this game on the iPhone, where it is seemless. On my Android tablet, the game is a little finicky; it's hard to grab people in a timely manner. On the PC I found it somewhere in the middle.

It is nice seeing it all BIG, so that's the main positive. And I suppose if you don't have a smart phone, this would be the way - maybe the only way - to go!

EDIT: Time hack!

OK, so this may also work on phones, but with other unintended consequences...

You can use the Bluestack settings to move your virtual phone back and forth in time. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE hack for Fallout Shelter. Send someone into the wasteland... now move the clock forward 24 hours. Boom, found 24 items. Tell them to come back. Move the clock forward 12 hours. Boom, returned. Similarly you can accelerate training. The nice thing is that moving the clock back has no negative effects.

The method I've found is to setup your vault, then close the Fallout Shelter app in Bluestacks, then go to Settings and change the phone, then open the Fallout Shelter app. Done... it registers the new time just as if that much time had passed.