Jackercon 2018: The Final Girl

Jackercon is the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast fan-run online convention, and this was Jackercon 14! (No, it's not the 14th year, just the 14th time they've set up a week or two for online games... there have been times where a few of these happened in a year.) Curtis Jackson is our de facto leader, having inspired these over the years, sometimes with themes. I always try to support this fiasco by running at least one game, and in past I've run Microscope, Fall of Magic, The Quiet Year, and my Lego-based Star Frontiers adventure: Distress on Life Liner 928

This session was going to be The Final Girl, a role-playing game about slasher-flick type horror, to find out the final survivor in... whatever weird fiction we were to create. And weird fiction it was. (You can see this around the 15:00 minute mark) We went with some remote town up in the sort-of-Himalayas, with Morman-like missionaries there to convert some of the locals (some of which have been converted); a demon awaits them.

Players included myself, Andrew, Jairo, Bel, and Kurt. Characters included, among others, uncover operatives, bright-eyed dreamers, a plucky virgin, an old hippie bus driver, a retirned marine, a wise sherpa, locals who herded goats, or managed goods and ran electronic shops, a butcher, a chaperone, a high school teacher, and superstitious missionary.

After character generation, game play starts in more earnest around the 50 minute mark. Mucho thanks to Kurt Potts for recording the session for me! Had a great time running this, and as always, the survivor was always a surprise, and led to an interesting ending (no spoilers). If you are interested, link to video is below: