Small Game Hunter Ep01: Ten Candles

It took a few weeks, from concept to execution. I think this says something about how mature the Happy Jacks RPG (HJRPG) Podcast network is. (This may also be referred to Stu’s Angry Folk Media Empire?)

I’ve been a constant listener to HJRPG for 8 or so years, and during that time, I’ve also been a heavy participant in their forums, live show chat rooms, and the fan-sponsored Jackercon online convention. HJRPG turned me on to Savage Worlds, and our local Los Angeles Strategicon game conventions (where I now run the RPG Games on Demand department!)

It was Jim Sandoval, the Strategicon RPG generalissimo, who contacted me about starting a podcast under their banner. Something to showcase smaller indie RPGs to the trad-based fans, exposing them to new games, different play styles, and lessons and tools they could incorporate into other games. He called it: Small Game Hunter!

Kimi’s husband Sam’s beautiful work!

Kimi’s husband Sam’s beautiful work!

The idea behind the game would be for us to sit down and play small press indie RPGs, off-stream and off-camera, and then have a round table discussion about the game.

Within those few weeks, we got a crew of HJRPG players together for a game of Ten Candles (Stephen Dewey’s lovely tragic horror game), and we sat down and recorded an episode. Don’t worry, we learned a few lessons… like maybe I can be a little less enthusiastic and share the microphone more with my co-hosts, for instance! (This does improve in the next episodes.)

It should be available at some point in podcast-land, but until then, if you are interested, here is our first episode, covering Ten Candles, with hosts Jim, Lori, Aabria, Mac, and myself. (Got thoughts? Let me know here or over in the YouTube comments!)