Strategicon Orccon 2019 Learn and Play: Intro to Indie RPGs (For The Queen)

Learn and Play: Intro to Indie RPGs with For The Queen

at Strategicon Orccon 2019

Interested in trying a tabletop role-playing game? Or have you played many role-playing games such as Dungeon & Dragons, and are you curious about how collaborative story games work? Come play For the Queen, at the LAX Hilton during Strategicon Orccon 2019. The game is mechanically very light, and new-player friendly, and has been played by hundreds of people, with great acclaim.


Details of the When and What

At Strategicon Orccon (at the LAX Hilton, in Southern California) on Friday, February 15 at 2pm, we will be running a large room session at RPG Games on Demand, where you can learn how to play this wonderful game in about 15 minutes. We will then break up into separate tables of 3-6 players each to play. The game generally lasts between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the table and players.

The session will include experienced gamers that will help facilitate play, including Gene Astadan, Candace Dovie, Tomer Gurantz, Kurt Potts, and Gina Ricker, among others.

For the Queen is a card-based storytelling game where you play as the members of a Queen’s retinue. The game features prompt cards that help guide the story as you escort her through the peril of interpersonal conflict and a war-torn land. The game was designed by Alex Roberts (the same brilliant mind that brought you Star Crossed, a two player game of forbidden love, inspired by the Dread RPG).

No experience is necessary to play For The Queen. You will be provided support as needed.

There is no pre-registration required for this session, however those who’ve signed up ahead of time will receive priority if space is limited. We should be able to easily accommodate up to 36 players.

Interested players should gather up at the RPG Games on Demand area, located at the bottom of the escalators that lead from the Lobby to the Lower Lobby, on the way to Open Gaming.

This session is modeled after a very successful and similar session of Learn and Play at PAX Unplugged 2019.

To pre-register, find the event on the Strategicon Events page, listed as Learn and Play: Intro to Indie RPGs (For The Queen).

What if I miss the Friday 2pm session

Do not fear, as the For The Queen cards may be available to play with during the weekend at RPG Games on Demand. Come talk to us if you are interested in playing.