Gaming in the warm winter of Los Angeles

Hiatus from blogging

So, apparently it's been a while. Well, I haven't been to any game conventions, so that's a possible reason. But conventions are coming, with the next one looming being Strategicon Orccon 2018.

But before I go writing about that, in a few weeks, I just catch myself up here, as there's been more than a bit of gaming. And all the below is just RPGs. My partner has been running board game days about once a month, so to supplement the usual stuff, I've also been playing much more board games, and we went to our friend Unique's birthday, which was basically: game night! So, recent favorites being: Citadels, Secret Hitler, Above and Below, and Shadow Hunters.

But on to RPGs...

Winter 2017 Recap

Oct 24, 2017: Played The Final Girl at Story Games Glendale, as Halloween approached. Only in this case it ended up being The Final Internet Billionaire Tim on a haunted oil rig.

Story Games Glendale and The Final Girl

Story Games Glendale and The Final Girl

Oct 31, 2017: Among other days, played lots of World of Dungeons run by Tom, with various Gauntleteers mostly from Asia-Pac. In this one we traveled the dunes, and finally got to see to Medved the King Bear.

Nov 4, 2017: Played in a playtest of The Veil: Cascade, run by Kyle of The Gauntlet, with fellow players Lauren and Alex, my Asia-Pac homies. I got to play a little runt Jeet, with Asha the Futurist and Autumn the Mnemologist, visiting Autum's Speakeasy, looking for memories. Mostly it fostered a big desire to play The Veil, which is great for emotional play.

Nov 17, 2017: Got to finally play Monster Hearts in Jason Cordova's Monsterhearts 2: Mercy Falls '83 session. I got to be a Ghoul which is a sort of re-animated Frankenstein composed of four different, previously murdered, geeks.

Nov 17, 2017: Ran The Final Girl with a combo of some of my old RPG crew, and newbie Lien. 

The Final Girl

The Final Girl

Nov 28, 2017: I ran a game of Dungeon World at Story Games Glendale, with newbie Craig as the wizard Avon and David as the bard Florian. They journeyed through a swamp to see a fortune teller, fighting off tree beasts and with a final epic battle against a demon trying to take a little girl.

Dec 9, 2017: Ran Legend of the Elements (aka Avatar the Last Airbender the RPG) for my daughter and Stu Venable's kids. We played a roughly 3+ hour session involving the White Lotus Scouts dealing with forest weirdness, and trying to get badges, trying to tame strange animals, and talking to stranger spirits.

Dec 10, 2017: Went over to new friend Kevin's place to run some Dungeon World with Martha and Candace, who'd I'd gamed with at prior Strategicons this year. I ran them through a similar adventure starter as the one from Story Games a few weeks back. But the players made some cool PCs, including a weird gem-based golem from the wastelands, a druid of the savannas who's adopted it, and an immolator (the first I've ever played with). 

Dungeon World crew

Dungeon World crew

Dec 12, 2017: We played The Quiet Year at Story Games Glendale, set on top of mountains in a world with long and inconsistent lighting and flooding (like enough flooding where the mountains turn into an archipelago). And very big goats. And Babayaga. And glowing people.

The Quiet Year on Dave's cool white board cards.

The Quiet Year on Dave's cool white board cards.

Got sick on two separate occasions, so had to flake out on two proposed sessions to run Ten Candles with two different groups... still sad about it.

Jan 9, 2018: First time officially running a game for The Gauntlet, an afternoon session of Forget-Me-Not:

Jan 9, 2018: After running Forget-Me-Not, headed straight to Game Haus for Story Games Glendale. Many people said they'd show, but due to many flakes, we got one show. We ran a session of Microscope.

Jan 23, 2018: Ran an afternoon session of Murder Hobo for The Gauntlet:

Jan 23, 2018: After running Murder Hobo, went to Story Games Glendale at Game Haus, where we had a good 6+ players showing! David ran the bulk of these guys, while I ran a 2-player game of Dungeon World with Jon, a regular, and Asher, a newbie to the meetup. I had ideas about running something, but after they made their characters I just went with their cool concepts and made some stuff up, crazy cool Eco warriors! 

Jan 25, 2018: I got my question (labelled under "Inferiority Complex") answered by Adam Koebel on his Office Hours:

Whew... I think that sums up the bulk of this time period.